The One Word You Probably Overlooked While Making Your 2016 List



2016 is going to amazing or at least that's what you've told yourself. You've vision boarded, desire mapped, ordered your fancy planner and colorful pens. You have all these inspirational post plastered all over your bathroom wall. What could possibly be missing?!

One word my friend...


That awesome, yet at times elusive little word can take you from feeling completely overwhelmed and powerless, to ahh yes! This is exactly what it's suppose to look like.

So what exactly is a boundary? In short a boundary is you taking a stance, drawing a line in the sand and making it very clear what "ain't nobody (read you) got time for". It's your guiding principle, and let's those around you know how you expect to be treated, and what you're available or not available for.

In my experience, women especially have a hard time with the concept of boundaries. We want to do it all, be it all, at all times to EVERYONE. After all,  the world as we know it would collapse if we ever said no to anyone/thing for any reason. They need us.

When I'm working with  clients, most of whom come to me frazzled and completely overwhelmed, I can't tell you how many times I hear

"...but Stepha, there's no way I can stop doing xyz"

" I wish I didn't have to go to xyz event, but I can't say no"

"I'm way to busy, to even think about taking lunch"

You get the point. Not having boundaries creates a lack of balance. You go, go, go and do, do, do with your family, friends, clients and in the end are left completely burnt out, running on empty, wondering if you'll ever find balance.

Balance itself is a tricky concept, and it certainly isn't the same for everyone. However, setting clear boundaries, learning to say no and delegating are the first steps to creating  a semblance of equilibrium. Freedom to say yes to you.

So as you move through your list of to-do's for this year, I encourage you to take a deeper what areas are you lacking boundaries? How can setting more boundaries create more freedom for you in 2016?

If this all sound good to you, yet you're wondering where to start, you can download my free "To-Stop List" below, included is a delegation worksheet because somethings have to get done, it doesn't me YOU have to do it.

Download your Free "To-Stop List" Here

Creating a to-stop list was huge for me. I find it both liberating and empowering. You are really in your power when you can recognize and say, you know what "I'm no longer available for THAT!"

Cheers to more freedom and the simple joys you will discover while saying 'yes' to you!