Free Virtual Training

Saturday January 26th at 12 PM

You’ve got big dreams (or maybe simple ones...those are good too), but are still are trying to figure out how to get going or maintain momentum while juggling your busy mom life without going into overwhelm, or feeling defeated.

Join me for a LlVE workshop where we get real about what's been keeping you from moving forward and begin to craft the necessary framework to help you slay your goals like a muva!

During our workshop, we will discuss:

✨Ambition vs Alignment - Get crystal clear on exactly what’s most important to you at this stage in your journey and what’s is necessary to achieve it. No more throwing random goals at the wall like spaghetti and seeing what sticks.

✨Managing Your Mental Load- You can do great things but not all things and certainly not all by yourself. We’ll be diving into how to delegate and ask for support in order to avoid being a frazzled, hot mess and start checking things off your list like a bawse!

✨Infusing Self Care to Avoid Burnout - The hustle will kill you if that’s the only thing you’re focused on. Learn how to fully step into your personal power by setting boundaries and creating rituals to assure that your needs are met along the way

✨How my personal journey back to self completely shifted last year, once I started applying the very strategies that I will be sharing with you.

This is for the mamas ready to stop playing games and really commit to themselves this year. Whether your goals are personal or professional, you won’t want to miss this!

What Others Are Saying:

I did not realize just how much I would get out of it, or how good the timing was. It felt so good to release everything, and I got really emotional because I realized that I have not been putting myself first. So, thank you for allowing me the space to call myself out.
— Alison
Thank you so much for all of the insight you provided. It was the vision map that placed me on a path I couldn’t see. We now visualize our goals once a month. It’s actually working.
— Safia