Free Virtual Series

Starting Sundays, May 19-June 9th at 11 AM EST


Join me for a special LlVE workshop series where we get real about what's been keeping you from moving forward and begin to craft the necessary framework to help you align motherhood to your true self.

Each workshop is designed to focus on a specific topic, where I will guide the group through a series of questions and prompts, and participants will be invited to share their experience and receive direct coaching from me on how to breakthrough a specific challenge.

Letting Go of The “Fairytale” - Who’s version of Motherhood are you living. You will be invited to explore your influences in mothering, both past, and present. Reconcile what is fantasy and what is actually aligned with you. As a group, we will do a simple ritual at the end to facilitate “letting go” of what is not serving us and clear the path for moving forward.

Unpacking Guilt- Mommy guilt comes up for so many of us, and for some, it can be paralyzing. In sessions 2, we’ll diving into the back story of guilt…where it comes from? Is any of it normal? Learn how you can you give yourself permission to embrace what’s important to you without feeling guilty.

Sharing The Load- Whether it’s physical or emotional, let’s face it as a mom you’re carrying a lot of baggage. Some of it, likely, not yours. This week is all about setting healthy boundaries for yourself and your family. We’ll also be discussing “the village” concept…how do you foster a community to support your journey so motherhood doesn't always feel so lonely.

Defining Your Path- Our final workshop will be all about navigating motherhood and womanhood. You are dynamic and constantly evolving. In what ways can you begin to honor your whole self without attaching everything to the mother role? We’ll close out the series with each participant writing their personal manifesto to anchor how they want to move forward.

This is for the mamas ready to let go of the bulls-t and commit to themselves and their personal journey in a way that perhaps they haven’t realized they could. Whether your goals are personal or professional, you won’t want to miss this!

What Others Are Saying:

I did not realize just how much I would get out of it, or how good the timing was. It felt so good to release everything, and I got really emotional because I realized that I have not been putting myself first. So, thank you for allowing me the space to call myself out.
— Alison
Thank you so much for all of the insight you provided. It was the vision map that placed me on a path I couldn’t see. We now visualize our goals once a month. It’s actually working.
— Safia