What does life want from you?

What a powerful question! Many of us grow up, trying to figure out what we want to do with our lives. We look to the outside and often select to settle for something that sounds good, maybe influenced by our parents, the money attached, or the prestige of a specific field. We keep friend who don't share commonalities, simply because we've known them "forever". We get frustrated when things don't seem to quite line up in our lives.

Imagine for once what it would be like to go inwards. Go deeper. Focus on your strengths, listen to your inner voice, do what you love for a living, seek soul nourishing friendships, live somewhere that inspires you everyday.

Take a deep breath. 

How does it feel?

If you are constantly feeling frustrated or stuck and wondering if life has dealt you a shitty hand. I encourage you to go within. What are your unique gifts/talents that you can share with the world? What's keeping you from the life you desire to live?  How can you show up as your authentic self?

What does life want from you?

Take some time throughout this week to meditate on that question. The answer may just surprise you.