You're a go-getter!

You've worked hard and have established yourself and your business or career. Now it's time to start a family. You're both excited and anxious about the prospects of becoming a mother.

Can you really do this? How are you going to handle it all?

Maybe, you've already had your child. You're a mom to a little one but you're feeling lost and overwhelmed. You never seem to have time in your schedule to do the everything you desire to do.  You feel guilty because you just can't get it "right".

No one told you it would be this way!

You want to be as confident in your motherhood journey as you are in other areas of your life you want to be able to spend time with your child but worry that you will lose momentum in elsewhere in your life.


I'm Stepha and I'm familiar with your story. Being pregnant with my daughter was one of the greatest experiences of my life. It taught me how to connect with my intuition and trust the guidance I received from my body. Despite having a chronic condition, and being told it *wasn't possible*, I  was able to have a complication-free pregnancy, and chose to deliver my baby where I felt the most comfortable—at home. It was amazing! I felt like I was totally gonna rock this motherhood thing! 

How naïve I was!

My early days, while filled with so much joy, also left me feeling vulnerable and questioning my abilities. I constantly had to remind myself of my mama mantra "strong, confident, capable"...

Then just when I had a good groove going, I went back to work. It was a clusterf*ck. I wasn't ready. I felt like I was either failing my child or failing at work, there was no balance. I cursed the American system daily for their lack of considerations for new moms.

After weeks of trying to get it perfect, I finally made the decision to step into my  power, the same one I had during my pregnancy. I was a momma goddess and could design motherhood to be exactly the way I wanted. No stupid rules, no comparison to others. Just be!

Where you come in...

I created this program to address what I feel is a missing piece for modern moms. Breathing exercises are great, but what happens once the baby is here? What happens when you go back to work? What if you're doing things completely different than those around you? Who's really there to support you? These are questions on many moms' minds, and I want to help them gain clarity. I help moms bridge the gap between the fabulous woman they were pre-baby and the even more fabulous one they have become.

MTM is for you if:

  • You're currently pregnant and wanting to feel more prepared for your journey as a mom.
  • You're a mom ready to step into your power and find your voice in motherhood.
  • You're wishing to do things on your own terms and are not finding support from those around you.
  • You desire to set healthy boundaries at home and at work that will allow you to be the best mom you can be.
  • You’re feeling lost in the storm of information available in books and other media, and you desire to have a more personalized approach.
  • You need help figuring out how to balance all of the demands.
  • You want to create a customized plan to transition back into your work in a way that addresses both yours and your baby's needs.


MTM is not for you IF:

  • You view motherhood as a competition and want to keep up with the Jones'.
  • You're looking for guidance on how to give birth and breathing exercises.
  • You've been diagnosed as clinically depressed and are seeking medical advice.


The Details:

The Modern Thriving Mama program, is a unique personal coaching package. It's customizable to address the specific mother's needs.

It includes:

  • (1) 1 hour Skype Intensive with the first 10 mamas who sign up, where we'll assess your unique needs and what we will be working on during our time together.
  • (6) 90 minute group coaching calls where we will dive deeper into:
    •  Deciding what you desire your unique journey to look like, and what you will need to have in place in order to make that happen confidently.
    • Identifying needs and creating a support system in order to outline exactly what you will need and who will provide it
    • Setting clear boundaries with well-meaning friends and family members.
    • Getting real with what you can and can't do and how to outsource tasks that are not aligned with your priorities.
    • Developing a plan for returning to work that addresses your evolving needs as a new mom.
    • Avoiding falling into the "Mommy Slump" by staying connected to your desires and creating a self-care routine that supports you.


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MTM will teach you how to allow yourself time to expand into your new beautiful role and also use it as a perfect opportunity to step into your unique power, define what you want your journey to look like, and learn to THRIVE IN MOTHERHOOD!