A deep dive into your soul’s journey.

Reclaim your identity, unleash your magic

An invitation to come home to yourself. The woman you’ve always been, yet someone are feeling disconnected to while running around juggling kids, work, marriage and everything in between.

You’re ready to reconnect to your vision and start taking steps to making it happen. Trouble is, everything feels so heavy right now, and you’re not sure where to start. Should you even start?

What you need is someone to help you make magic out of your mess. 

That's why I'm here, girl!

Being a boss mom is not easy. You often find yourself feeling overwhelmed or like you're failing in one area while trying to focus on another. How are you ever gonna be organized enough carve out space to achieve your goals, take care of you family, and not lose your mind in the process? I got you boo!


The Set Up:

6 weekly group coaching calls, where you get personalized coaching from Stepha and we focus exactly on what’s coming up for you in this process

Weekly Workbook With Prompt Questions to provide a deep dive into

Private Facebook Group where I will be popping in regularly to provide additional resources and support during our time together

A sisterhood of empowered mamas walking along this journey with you and cheering you along the way


 That for the rest of 2017, you gathered weekly with a group of goddesses, just like you, and together you created a space where you...
✨Were seen, heard, and supported as you explored exactly what’s coming up for you as you reflect on 2017 and prepare for 2018
✨Felt more ease and joy while navigating the holiday madness
✨Learned how to create a new  boundaries  framework that would stop you from constantly feeling overwhelmed
✨ Created an easily sustainable self care practice
✨ Fostered a deeper connectedness with yourself and those closest to you


Topic Overview

These serve as a guidance to the flow of the program, however based on what's most important to the group we may shift, to for example spend more time on a topic or focus on what has come up organically within the group.

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Week 1- Identity & Personal Power

  • Discovering who you really are
  • Reconnecting to your vision
  • Uncovering the missing missing pieces and how to reclaim them
  • Bringing all of YOU to motherhood

week 2-MoMMY MindSet MakeOver

  • How do you limit yourself because you’re “a mom”
  • Battling self sabotage +Mommy guilt
  • Embracing Imperfection
  • Self forgiveness + Mama Mantras

Week 3-Boundaries

  • What boundaries are needed in order for you to move forward in the best way possible?
  • The connection between boundaries and balance
  • Reversing boundary breaking behavior 
  • Building your Boundaries Blueprint
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Week 4-  Sacred Self Care

  • Learning to love yourself when no one showed you how
  • Making self care sustainable and non-negotiable
  • Developing your customized self care rituals
  • Sacred Self Contract



Week 5- Relationships

  • Analyzing how Motherhood has shifted your important relationships
  • Navigating fragile relationship, especially during the holiday season 
  • Fostering a deeper sense of connection in your most important relatioships
  • Identifying and Releasing toxic relationships

Week 6- Integration + Forward Action

  • This week will be ALL about celebrating what you’ve accomplished
  •  Integrating key learnings from our magical time together
  •  Building your roadmap for the next 3 month to keep the momentum going.

I’ve never worked with a coach before, what should I expect?

Coaching is about walking alongside you and holding space for you to express whatever it is that is coming up for you as part of this experience. Expect to be challenged, yet inspired to tap into parts of you that you may have long forgotten about. As this is a group experience, you will also have the added support of like minded sisters along for the ride.

I’m so busy right now and worried I won’t have time for this, how many hours a week does it take?

Our weekly video calls will be where the magic happens, and those are 90 minutes, and scheduled for Saturdays 11 am EST, with exception to our final call. So I will say 90 minutes at a minimum per week, and ideally another hour for journaling and self reflection. All calls are recorded so you will have full access to replay.

Let’s face it, there will always be something. The real question is... how long will you keep pushing your needs to the side? If this speaks to you, make the time.

When do we start?

Our orientation call will be on November 18th- It’s a new moon and the perfect time to set some intentions for our journey together. We will have our first weekly call on Tues 11/21. Calls will be on Saturdays at 11 AM EST thereafter, with exception to our final call with will take place on 1/1 the night of the Full Moon.

What’s the cost?

There are 2 investment options $99 for group coaching and $200 for the option of having 2 additional private sessions with Stepha

When Will You offer this again?

I love the energy of a group setting, so I will likely offer more in the future. However, my schedule and demands are shifting in 2018, and I can't say when it will happen. The one thing I can guarantee is that it will the price will be higher.

You rollin' With Us or Nah?

Let's go then!

Choose Your Adventure