Fierce Fearless You!


Fierce Fearless You!

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An exclusive invitation for women ready to claim their Freedom! This 2 part mini course features video training accompanied with PDF guides designed to help you bust through major blocks, finally free yourself from overwhelm and guilt and fully step into your magnificence. The first 5 ladies to register, will receive a complimentary 60 minute coaching session and 1 lucky lady will win a 90 day coaching package! First Video to be released July 13th, 2015.

I'm Ready!!

During our time together you will learn to:

•Reconnect you with your desires and your Big Why? 
•Identify Limiting Beliefs, and Negative Self Talk. 
•Create your personalized daily affirmations and/or manifesto
•Experience the power of setting boundaries 
•Develop a daily routine that prioritizes your desires 
• Boldly and Unapolegetically begin to create a life you love.

What People Are Saying:

"I knew I would also get something out of it, but I did not realize just how much I would get out of it, or how good the timing was.It felt so good to release everything, and I got really emotional because I realized that I have not been putting myself first and I have not been showing up for myself. So thank you so much for allowing me the space to finally call myself out." Alison J

"I'd like to say this was my biggest "AHA Moment" of the week. I carry a lot of guilt for being a single Mom that wants to have a social/dating life. I am going to continue doing this exercise today until I feel weightless. Just acknowledging the truth and doing the exercise once made me feel lighter, as if some imaginary weight fell off of me. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this!!" Ketsia A.